About Mimesis IT

Our history spans over 10 years. Mimesis IT draws on that experience to provide you with best in class IT services

Our Mission

We exist to provide professional IT services tailored to SME using industry best practices. We will provide a compatible, flexible system which can grow with your business. Every time.

Our History

A lot of IT support businesses will offer you a solution stack that is fixed. While this is the most profitable for the company it doesn’t provide the best fit for your business. This is where we come in. We offer a stack to your business that can be changed to suit your exact needs. Not only does this keep costs down for your but it also ensures that you have exactly what you need for your business to be efficient.

We’ve been in IT for over 10 years, starting at helpdesk before running networks for £100m turnover businesses. We’ve worked in small business and large businesses alike. We know what the pain points are for your small business and how IT can best help to alleviate those issues. We want to bring simplified enterprise IT into SMB. We know it is likely that you don’t have a six-figure budget to implement these systems. Mimesis IT is here to help you implement these solutions at a fraction of the cost.